jj abrams on the mystery box.

i don’t watch lost.  or heroes.  & i hate the hell out of most reality competition shows.  i am a huge fan of getting in on the ground floor, w/out that, i feel lost and that i don’t fully understand what’s going on. however, i am a huge fuckin’ fan of ambiguity.  that something can be anything, as long as you don’t open the box…

i got the link from sleevage {src}, which is a great site in and of itself.

the greatest inspiration for this site has always been technology.  from the first post (using audioplayer) to this latest one (a discussion of how to use high and low tech to achieve a goal) it’s always been “that new thing” which inspires the posts. even the hoesinthesameclothes post was an excuse to use the new gallery tag.

i suppose that’s a way of explaining the dearth of posts recently, and, to announce, tech will reverse that.

six degrees of (not kevin) bacon.

recently, several blogs have been up in clogs over that most delicious invention, the ground bacon burger.  as a lover of the swine i’ve got a google alert setup to inform me of creative uses of pork. here’s a handy dandy guide to go beyond the norm and what can be read in a book so that you can truly harness the power of ham.

first, before consuming any of that delectable cat-rat-dog, display your love of bacon by wearing a bacon scarf (or try this style).  this can also double as a means to make a quick escape if caught stealing the bacon from your neighbors plate at an ihop. for some of you tight pants wearing ass niggas or for the lil’ she-piggy lover in your life, you can cop this discreet BLT ring.  for ladies that are a bit more, adventurous, you can always rock the bacon bra or bikini top.

on to the food…the following idea, i believe was independently discovered while trying to push the limits of bacon baking.  the first practitioner shows bacon weaving, a critical method for taking bacon to the next level in sandwichery while the next, bacon molding renders breadbowls utterly useless.  combining a staggered bacon weave and some creative bacon molding ushers in the dawn of bacongami and i joyously await for bacon shaped arks filled with lil’ pigs in a blanket.  seriously, i can’t think of anything sexier.

[sImage imgid=”255″ class=”bigframe”]

if you followed the above instructions and constructed a lil’ salad inside of your new bacon bowl and you’re worried that your salad might be a lil’ too healthy, you can go the traditional route and add some homemade bacon bits, or, you can sprinkle it w/a bit of this fantastic bacon salt. available in 3 wondrous flavors. even though it’s zero calories and fat, hopefully the flavor can trick us into thinking it’s fattening.

now, to help wash down this pörkgåsbord, why not try a bloody mary made with jalapeno/bacon infused vodka?  i swear i’ve heard Jay rap “drunk of swine/ mami on P” before, so i’m sure this would go over well at the snazziest of events.

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shout outs to omillio.

and, finally, bacon as dessert. if you’re on the go and would like to savor your bacon — bacon pops, for those of you not suffering in this heatwave, who don’t worry about melting of the subsequent pounds we have this remarkable snack sensation, and, of course, bacon + maple + donut. understanding that some of these may be a bit extreme for you, the great grocery eats brings it home with bacon ice cream.


so, your rockin’ a bacon scarf, drank a bacon mojito and finished it off w/a lil’ bacon frusen gladje but now you’ve got to worry about your hygiene.  no worries, dentist recommended,  fat boy approved – be sure to take care of of those pearly whites w/a lil’ something we call bacon floss.

content drives design or design drives content?

Who’s Zoomin Who?

i’ve probably used the phrase “content drives design” at least a thousand times or so when discussing “doing websites” for people. i typically throw it out there as a means of discerning how serious people are about creating a site and as an attempt to not do a site for that person. sites are interesting ideas but when it comes down to generating content, people typically kinda, well, yeah…

i should know, i’ve had this site since ’01 and a domain in my name since ’99 and i’ve generated enough content to fill a fly’s navel. although being a fairly prolific writer over certain points in my life, those spurts of brilliance production typically amounted to “responding to lots of posts on other people’s messageboards.”

i’ve used a couple of different tools over the years to capture my ongoing commentary. the first was a custom CF script that i wrote for myself. i’ve also used movable type and now use WordPress. i first used MT because i wanted to learn something different than CF. MT was cool, but, after stepping away from updating i “switched” to WordPress because of the one-click install offered by my hosting company. because my host has eliminated basically all of my effort to setup a mysql database, upgrade my files and all the other garbage that can become a hassle, i’ve been able to spend more time installing plugins, hacking themes, and adding functionality via custom fields and conditional tags.

over the course of time i’ve noticed something that i never thought of before — the addition of certain plugins offered me the ability to write in new ways. this completely goes against my basic beliefs that writing determines tools. the footnotes plugin stands out as one of those things that took something from my natural writing style (the usage of double parentheses) and transformed it into proper clickable footnotes. so, after i turned footnotes on, i needed to style those footnotes, which got me digging around in the css for my template.

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accountant handle my money, but i double check.

i was going to name this entry “try to speak my name out loud and mispronounce me.” but i thought it was a bit long and not so gaga on the google. extracted lyrics as post titles may not be the hottest thing on the toobs anymore, but it is most certainly one of my leading impetuses (sp?) to create posts, even if it’s just posts about songs.

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something fantastic has happened since i got the ability to install winamp on the work comp. combined w/the fact that my current not-at-work connection to the intarweb is on some ’99-digital-divide-no-high-speed-cable-connection-for-you-darkies shit & my work status is on some first-90-days-don’t-be-a-dickhead shit i haven’t downloaded an album in weeks. so, instead of listening to albums, i’ve been shuffling up my singles folder & winamp has been on some black&white-videos-w/bikes-and-actual-black-girls shit.

because of that, songs i haven’t heard in years have started to shuffle up leading to incredible workday diversity. my singles folder has everything from the first file i ever downloaded (kwame’s the rhythm) to the most recent – rosco’s tuba rockin’ box of bullets, but it seems as though i kept hearing the same ol’ songs shuffled up at the last job. maybe the new winamp

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in other audio occurrences, i have to admit i was wrong about jay’s blue magic. after riding around town and hearing it play during my commute, the beat definitely has more knock then desktop headsets can convey. the hook, though, remains patent leather kicks.