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pander bear.

“pander bear” © fire. pics courtesy of wonkette, and the tubes that power the internets.

jj abrams on the mystery box.

i don’t watch lost.  or heroes.  & i hate the hell out of most reality competition shows.  i am a huge fan of getting in on the ground floor, w/out that, i feel lost and that i don’t fully understand what’s going on. however, i am a huge fuckin’ fan of ambiguity.  that something can […]

six degrees of (not kevin) bacon.

recently, several blogs have been up in clogs over that most delicious invention, the ground bacon burger.  as a lover of the swine i’ve got a google alert setup to inform me of creative uses of pork. here’s a handy dandy guide to go beyond the norm and what can be read in a book […]

content drives design or design drives content?

i’ve probably used the phrase “content drives design” at least a thousand times or so when discussing “doing websites” for people. i typically throw it out there as a means of discerning how serious people are about creating a site and as an attempt to not do a site for that person. sites are interesting […]

accountant handle my money, but i double check.

i was going to name this entry “try to speak my name out loud and mispronounce me.” but i thought it was a bit long and not so gaga on the google. extracted lyrics as post titles may not be the hottest thing on the toobs anymore, but it is most certainly one of my […]