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watermelon car, watermelon guts.

[audio:rashad-tellthemwhattheywanttohear.mp3] in case you weren’t sure what the trend is for the upcoming spring/summer season, here’s a few photos of what’s leading the pack. so, go get your silkscreens & inks and join in. you’ve still got time to press out a few. all the cool kids are doing it.

pander bear.

“pander bear” © fire. pics courtesy of wonkette, and the tubes that power the internets.

of destros and men.

so, recently, pics of destro in the new gi joe movie have leaked. and, they are complete shit. i understand holding “the mask” back because it doesn’t “go” w/the new look of the film, but you could have easily shot this rat faced bastard from behind wearing the mask and made a few gazillions of […]

the swarovski mask way.

[audio:50cent-skimaskway.mp3] recently, the googles provided me a couple of examples of some really idiotic uses of swarovski crystals. i, like most of you, probably had no idea what swarovski “crystals” were until the great cellphone craze of ’06. like you, i too was happy of having a quick and easily identifiable way to dump the […]

how to get ahead in the music biz.

these photos ((what a shitty watermark, dudes.)) of the diddlez and cassie hit the net earlier in the week, causing all sorts of discussions about puff’s wrongness, cassie’s talent and whether or not those discussing it had the right to offer an opinion on the subject. around the same time, el-p’s we’reallgonnaburninhellmegamixx 2 ((two… two… […]