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10 years ago…

that’s a real receipt. i remember getting off the bus. there may have been snow. that store is still there. can’t remember where i went for new years that year. 10 years later. new domain. same psuedonym. life, it continues… back then, times were stupid wild. [audio:guccimane-stupidwild.mp3] notes: – gucci mane is stil abhorrent. – […]

wordpress gallery shortcode update.

some history: since shortly after the release of the [gallery] shortcode, I’ve been using a custom field called “useGallery” to conditionally show every thumbnail image attached to a particular post. i first did this after noticing in my log stats that users would bounce back and forth to get a look at all of the […]

wordpress shortcode: smarterImage.

The issue: New layout had a 440px main column that restricted the overall size of images that could be shown. Previous theme had images uploaded at a much larger size, so they were being smushed and pixelated because new theme used max-width: 100%; markup to constrain their overall size. The goals: Resize images to proper […]

new look, added search and full archives.

the title pretty much says it all. i’ve added a full archive, so even if you don’t find what you want by using the search bar at the top, you should be able to browse via monthly archives or to one of your favorite tags/categories. if you’ve been here in the past month, you’ve seen […]

jj abrams on the mystery box.

i don’t watch lost.  or heroes.  & i hate the hell out of most reality competition shows.  i am a huge fan of getting in on the ground floor, w/out that, i feel lost ((massive apologies for the pun)) and that i don’t fully understand what’s going on. however, i am a huge fuckin’ fan […]