accountant handle my money, but i double check.

i was going to name this entry “try to speak my name out loud and mispronounce me.” but i thought it was a bit long and not so gaga on the google. extracted lyrics as post titles may not be the hottest thing on the toobs anymore, but it is most certainly one of my leading impetuses (sp? ((i was a bit unsure so googled and got interesting results. i, obviously, decided to go’ w/-tuses over just plain -tus))) to create posts, even if it’s just posts about songs.


something fantastic has happened since i got the ability to install winamp ((and subsequently, the new winamp)) on the work comp. combined w/the fact that my current not-at-work connection to the intarweb is on some ’99-digital-divide-no-high-speed-cable-connection-for-you-darkies shit & my work status is on some first-90-days-don’t-be-a-dickhead shit i haven’t downloaded an album in weeks. so, instead of listening to albums, i’ve been shuffling up my singles folder & winamp has been on some black&white-videos-w/bikes-and-actual-black-girls shit.

because of that, songs i haven’t heard in years have started to shuffle up leading to incredible workday diversity. my singles folder has everything from the first file i ever downloaded (kwame’s the rhythm ((the reason i downloaded napster in the first place))) to the most recent – rosco’s tuba rockin’ box of bullets, but it seems as though i kept hearing the same ol’ songs shuffled up at the last job. maybe the new winamp


in other audio occurrences, i have to admit i was wrong about jay’s blue magic. after riding around town and hearing it play during my commute, the beat definitely has more knock then desktop headsets can convey. the hook, though, remains patent leather kicks.

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