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pander bear.

“pander bear” © fire. pics courtesy of wonkette, and the tubes that power the internets.

they played stevie.

[audio:omar-fallin.mp3] over breakfast that included mimosas. not for me mind you, ime a fuckin’ dude. but she seemed really happy that day. it was straight out of one of those independent films. young broke black kids. beautiful jawn. overconfident nerd dude. i can’t even remember the other person at the table. like, not at all, […]

“sidearm,” my colostomy bag.

that’s a crock of shit. i’ve been dealing w/my “sidearm” for the past 3 years now and it’s tough for me to meet people. because of this, i stopped goin’ to the clubs, workin’ out at the gym and doing all the other things that used to bring me into contact with attractive young ladies. […]