jj abrams on the mystery box.

i don’t watch lost.  or heroes.  & i hate the hell out of most reality competition shows.  i am a huge fan of getting in on the ground floor, w/out that, i feel lost ((massive apologies for the pun)) and that i don’t fully understand what’s going on. however, i am a huge fuckin’ fan of ambiguity.  that something can be anything, as long as you don’t open the box…

i got the link from sleevage {src}, which is a great site in and of itself.

the greatest inspiration for this site has always been technology.  from the first post (using audioplayer) to this latest one (a discussion of how to use high and low tech to achieve a goal) it’s always been “that new thing” which inspires the posts. even the hoesinthesameclothes post was an excuse to use the new gallery tag.

i suppose that’s a way of explaining the dearth of posts recently, and, to announce, tech will reverse that.

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