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the jena six: around the net.

so, you’ve heard about the jena six by now, right? this image is from while seated i’ve been trying to figure out why separate searches for the phrase “the jena six” and the 3 words the jena six give different search results. i mean, i understand why, but i don’t “know” why. technorati has 2058 […]

feed me, feed me.

so, after reading Oh Word!’s Tao of TWIB, i decided to get up on my rss feed game. luckily, the good folx over at teh google had a reader ready and waiting to be populated w/my subscriptions. together w/my newfound bff firefox, i’ve been able to subscribe to 34 feeds in less than a week. […]

“sidearm,” my colostomy bag.

that’s a crock of shit. i’ve been dealing w/my “sidearm” for the past 3 years now and it’s tough for me to meet people. because of this, i stopped goin’ to the clubs, workin’ out at the gym and doing all the other things that used to bring me into contact with attractive young ladies. […]

what dora the explorer taught me about blogging.

for the past couple of months, we’ve been tivo’n (dvr’n, tape’n, bootlegg’n) dora the explorer. because watching tv is a new phenom for the baby & dora is a new show for us, we have no idea what order these shows were supposed to be originally broadcast in. we set the box up to record, […]

the firefox switch.

so, i downloaded the tiger style admin plugin from and installed w/out the slightest concern of reading the instructions. along the way, i realized that it wasn’t working. this, of course, was because i was still using ie6. even after the good folks over at edited hipped me to the firefox plugin that would […]