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wordpress gallery shortcode update.

some history: since shortly after the release of the [gallery] shortcode, I’ve been using a custom field called “useGallery” to conditionally show every thumbnail image attached to a particular post. i first did this after noticing in my log stats that users would bounce back and forth to get a look at all of the […]

judgment day is no gutted.

and that’s a good thing. so, beans album leaks… nahright throws up the track w/Jay. and the ripple effect happens. which throws me for a loop, cuz, well, “Gutted” just can’t be the track that people were looking forward to on this album. it can’t be the track that stands out ((that’s gotta go to […]

content drives design or design drives content?

i’ve probably used the phrase “content drives design” at least a thousand times or so when discussing “doing websites” for people. i typically throw it out there as a means of discerning how serious people are about creating a site and as an attempt to not do a site for that person. sites are interesting […]

your new favorite favicon.

i’ve been trying to come up w/an interesting favicon for awhile. the fact that i was iconless has been slapping me in the face since i made the firefox switch. although i’ve been playing around w/some text that recalled the glory days of Yo! MTV Raps, trying to convert graff text & polka dots to […]

feed me, feed me.

so, after reading Oh Word!’s Tao of TWIB, i decided to get up on my rss feed game. luckily, the good folx over at teh google had a reader ready and waiting to be populated w/my subscriptions. together w/my newfound bff firefox, i’ve been able to subscribe to 34 feeds in less than a week. […]