feed me, feed me.

so, after reading Oh Word!’s Tao of TWIB, i decided to get up on my rss feed game. luckily, the good folx over at teh google had a reader ready and waiting to be populated w/my subscriptions. together w/my newfound bff firefox, i’ve been able to subscribe to 34 feeds in less than a week.

some would say, “that’s a problem.”
and, they’d probably be correct.

but, because of this great feeder (reader?, feed-reader?), i am no longer wasting time popping over to websites hoping to find new content. it’s cut down my “morning startup” time by 80%. i typically had a bit of hypebeast, a pop over to the starting five, maybe check the comments over at freedarko… then, maybe i would start working. that’s not sooo bad, seeing as though most of those sites update their content fairly frequently, but, what about some of the other sites you love, who are a bit more infrequent, like gabesaid or smashingmagazine for instance. no need to keep checking to see if something new is there for you. when i logged in this mornin, the reader had fresh new content waiting for me.

much like firefox, my new cellphone (samsung blackjack) and turkey clubs on tomato wraps, i don’t know why i didn’t make the switch earlier. now, the use of the rss reader hasn’t exactly improved my production at the office — the time i’ve saved by my decreased surfing has been almost matched by searching for new feeds and configuring them accordingly. also, because so many sites simply link to the content of others, i’ve spent time going to the source sites to eliminate the middleman.

i added my own feed to see how it would look, grabbed a plugin to improve it, then spent too much time trying to figure out why the date/time that i “published” didn’t match up w/the date/time that was showing in the reader. so, i guess that means you can subscribe to my feed now.

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