the jena six: around the net.

so, you’ve heard about the jena six by now, right?

The Jena Six: the White Tree
this image is from while seated

i’ve been trying to figure out why separate searches for the phrase “the jena six” and the 3 words the jena six give different search results. i mean, i understand why, but i don’t “know” why.

technorati has 2058 blog posts about this. when i click publish, that’ll go up by at least one.

the most dugg1 story on digg has 10 diggs.

somebody went and registered and has been updating with the ongoing particulars. although, i think i got the most out of the updates from While Seated (although i would defintely avoid the comments on that page).

Petition Online is probably a neat thing, and maybe it’s really important to somebody, but i always disregard it as online bullshit. so, although i did sign it, i also wrote this lil’ entry about it. i implore you to do the same. somebody that googles into your blog for music, fashion & other bullshit would be well served to run into a lil’ injustice as well.

and, over here, we can find a few more links to places of action.

  1. is that the correct terminology? i don’t really eff w/social bookmarking sites []