“sidearm,” my colostomy bag.

that’s a crock of shit.

i’ve been dealing w/my “sidearm” for the past 3 years now and it’s tough for me to meet people. because of this, i stopped goin’ to the clubs, workin’ out at the gym and doing all the other things that used to bring me into contact with attractive young ladies. so, i started using online dating services.

after a few, through craigslist, i was able to find a nice forum that was filled with understanding people who were either suffering w/the same problem or sympathetic.

so, me and “Mahogany” met at www.brownthighedgirls.com on the DatScat! board. she was into the same music as i was, liked video games and got a special tingle when i unleashed the bag’s chunky goodness upon her. she *really* liked it when i would pour it into her shoes and leave it there as a surprise for her.

eventually, we got engaged and i looked forward to the day that we would live as man & wife. about a week away from our special day, she goes on her bachelorette party and apparently, her girlfriends (nasty sluts that they are) payed the dancer to take a crap on her belly. she said the fresh warm soft-serve was the best she had ever had and that she was going to leave me.

i tried to find out what was in that guys diet in an attempt to win her back. i even began dumping my bag in her gas tank and writing letters on her windshield. it didn’t work and eventually she moved out of the city w/out telling me.

i loved her.
i still miss her to this day.