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99 problems.

i peep’d this over at one of my morning coffee stops, hypebeast, and was (slightly) disgusted to see they sent props over there to jay-z. sure, the jiggaman may have brought the slang back for a new generation, but i find it hard to believe that san fran’s upper playgound thinks of beyonce’s boyfriend when […]

viking style.

in short, viking style is the act of perching atop a cistern and vomiting downward betwixt one’s feet into the bowl below. one sits in a position similar to “an upper decker” —. as invention sends it’s mother’s day cards to necessity, i’m sure you won’t be surprised to learn that this technique was not […]

let swagger die.

somewhere around the time that cam’ron decided to hold a press conference to discuss the chancleta issue, the word “swagger” should have received the pete rose treatment. swagger at some point referred to a specific type of movement one would make when walking. over the years, due to the dynamic nature of language, swagger has […]

what dora the explorer taught me about blogging.

for the past couple of months, we’ve been tivo’n (dvr’n, tape’n, bootlegg’n) dora the explorer. because watching tv is a new phenom for the baby & dora is a new show for us, we have no idea what order these shows were supposed to be originally broadcast in. we set the box up to record, […]