the firefox switch.

so, i downloaded the tiger style admin plugin from and installed w/out the slightest concern of reading the instructions. along the way, i realized that it wasn’t working. this, of course, was because i was still using ie6. even after the good folks over at edited hipped me to the firefox plugin that would change all those text links to clickable jumps to boobie goodness.

so, ive made the initial jump over to firefox and tabbed browsing and i’ve found a real problem. at work, i keep one browser running for foolishness. it’s a diversion when things get bogged down and it allows me to stay focused on the other 4 windows (outlook/word, dreamweaver, wip explorer window & SQL) that i need to work. the only other distraction window is winamp (currently playing darling nikki by the foo fighters) keeping me at a good 4-2 ratio. if we include the 6 or so documents open in dreamweaver and the 4+ query windows that are typically open, then, well, the scales are firmly tipped on the side of work.

this is going to be a true problem. typically, i have a thought, google or wiki the answer and get back to work, but, now, i’ve got a wiki tab, a fantasy sports tab, this blog tab, and a tab dedicated to forum crusing. i’m fairly certain hoping that this is just the honeymoon phase and after lunch i’ll be back to drilling away at SQL, but right now i’m having a ball with these tabs.

if you haven’t made the switch — make it. don’t fall victim to that ie7 garbage. i’m so geeked out that i might get one of those lil’ buttons and link it from my sidebar.