amber’s saving grace.

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When Kanye launched his new blog featuring a photo of his girlfriend/muse/girl that dances w/girls Amber Rose, people were able to immediately identify the inspiration of the photo. On first look, it’s clear to see that Amber falls way short of pulling off the amazing contortion that Grace exhibited on her album cover. However, a simple google and an great article from sleevage shows why no onw has been able to match Grace’s image in 30 years. (more info)

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Faced w/the facts that the original, although iconic is as fake as Coco’s cleavage I began to judge Amber much less harshly than some others and went back to staring at the pics of the well oiled asses. besides, facts are, if i were to try to make that pose, it would look something like this.

amber rose vs. tahiry jose.

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1. pics – Amber.
If it’s the Smooth Mag pics, the various papparazzi photos or even the old ones from Delilah’s menu, Amber is clearly ahead of the game when it comes to still photos. Even though Ms. Jose made quite a splash w/her cover feature, I think it’s okay to blame her for shutting down King magazine. Sure, it’s fine to ogle her on the internet, but when the publishing mag has to write an intro blurb that basically amounts to “Yeah, we don’t know how she made the cover, either” then it’s time to shut down your publication.

2. videos – Tahiry.
From the moment shorty gave a lil’ summer cookup to a frozen meal, she took the internet by storm. Budden’s constant candid videos of her doing everything from preparing for a night at her job to assembling a trampoline have put her in the lead. Although Amber’s got a bonafied rap video or two under her belt, they obviously didn’t feature her best assets.

3. sense of humor – slight edge to Tahiry.
Tahiry laughs at Budden’s jokes and tells a few of her own. That’s what most of us want out of a girlfriend — smart enough to get our jokes, but not tryna do standup on some Aisha Tyler shit. On the other hand, Amber dresses like a cartoon character and poses like this w/her sister – that takes a sense of humor which can’t be denied.

4. stunt factor – Amber.
Ye took her to New York, London and Paris during fashion week as his most prized accessory. At first she looks white, but has that racially ambiguous factor that rappers and fappers love. Tahiry has the crazy waste to hips ratio, but she’s still rockin’ jeans instead of stupid ass mom shorts w/gladiatrix sandals. The nail in the coffin, of course, is Amber’s deep collection of stupid sunglasses. You aren’t really stuntin’ if you don’t rock dumb ass sunglasses.

5. wifey material – toss up.
Tahiry cooks. Not necessarily well. But she’s done it before. Got the vid to prove it.
Amber dykes. Not necessarily well. But we’ve heard the audio that proves it.
Tahiry smashed Fabulous, Amber was a professional pole technician.
Some prose, some Kan’s… It all comes down to what you’re looking for.