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white midsoles.

clae, creative rec, supra and newcomers 100styles [via], so on and so forth. why do these “high end” companies insist on putting white midsoles on these not-really kinda sorta sneakers? i’ve wanted to get a few more pairs of these wears ever since my new gig allowed me to show up to work in whatever […]


just foolin’.

there’s a lady over in [the section to the left] directly in front of men’s bathroom #1 ((the preferred dumping grounds)), that has, what appears to be, a “homemade” gerald levert calendar. because i pass by it at least twice a day, i’ve come accustomed to seeing him as i enter and leave my secret […]

down with the king.

so, i originally intended for this to go up before Trips’ return against The Booker Man at SummerSlam. I knew Booker was being fed to the Lion and thought it disgusting. but, alas, timeliness and the great slack kept me from publishing on time. now, it looks like King Bookah has left the E and […]

like, rock a party, star.

i thought the whole let’s-try-to-make-a-song-like-da-shop-boyz shit had reached it’s apex w/”do the rockman” by some-no-name-group that get’s played-way-too-much on the radio down here. apparently, i forgot that Mr. Piss-on-You liked making music that was appealing to children, so he enlisted luda ((doesn’t he have a daughter? call me whatever makes you feel better, but i […]