how to get ahead in the music biz.

these photos ((what a shitty watermark, dudes.)) of the diddlez and cassie hit the net earlier in the week, causing all sorts of discussions about puff’s wrongness, cassie’s talent and whether or not those discussing it had the right to offer an opinion on the subject. around the same time, el-p’s we’reallgonnaburninhellmegamixx 2 ((two… two… two…)) hit the net, causing me to pop my copy of fantastic damage in and give it another listen. which brings me, you and them to this…

you think i’m a genius, i know i’m a whore…

that song, right there, encapsulates almost every thing i could say about the photos and the act.

and to tie a nice, neat bow around all this, let’s reference, bdp via the roots, kellz finally going to court, and Bill Murray, just because i get to post a picture of Scarlett Johansson.

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