of destros and men.

so, recently, pics of destro in the new gi joe movie have leaked. and, they are complete shit. i understand holding “the mask” back because it doesn’t “go” w/the new look of the film, but you could have easily shot this rat faced bastard from behind wearing the mask and made a few gazillions of fanboys happy.

since youth, all of us of a darker persuasion have believed destro was black.  whether because of the voice actor, them thick ass lips on the mask1 or because of his fantastic pimp hat and cane2.

now i’m not sure of the ethnicity of the destro in the following video, but i do know he honors the mask and doesn’t appear to have the same traits of bitchassness that the other guy does.

  1. shout out to that savalas look []
  2. peep updated versions over here []

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  1. neil wrote::

    That video is phenomenal. The first shot of Destro isn’t. at all.

    Thursday, June 26, 2008 at 2:39 #