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pumpkinhead – wack emcees.

R.I.P.couldn’t find a copy of this anywhere on the net, so i uploaded it here.

ruffmercy been gettin’ it in.

ultimate atomic buster.

they like “bfnh, where you been?” [audio:freeway-whereyoubeen.mp3] “in my skin/ when i jump out, you jump in” (nh, jic) ((no homo, just in case)) i’ve been doing this

the swarovski mask way.

[audio:50cent-skimaskway.mp3] recently, the googles provided me a couple of examples of some really idiotic uses of swarovski crystals. i, like most of you, probably had no idea what swarovski “crystals” were until the great cellphone craze of ’06. like you, i too was happy of having a quick and easily identifiable way to dump the […]

achoo, achoo.

[audio:everyonenoseremix.mp3] i got hella links ((not to be confused w/hella cosigns on AIM.)) to this remix earlier in the day, mostly pointing back to the leak from yeezy. i figured it’d be pointless to write about, but, after a few hours — we’ve got behind the scenes footage via youtube, and the site that inspired […]