the swarovski mask way.


recently, the googles provided me a couple of examples of some really idiotic uses of swarovski crystals. i, like most of you, probably had no idea what swarovski “crystals” were until the great cellphone craze of ’06. like you, i too was happy of having a quick and easily identifiable way to dump the “idiotech” stamp on a chick from 35 paces and keep it moving through the local mall.

since i’ve found out that these things are expensive as all fuck, and that you can find swarovski stores in some of your higher end malls i’ve been struggling with trying to understand how this came to be.  can anybody explain to me why people would spend hard earned money to have something emblazoned w/swarovski crystals? what, outside of idiotic stuntage, is the appeal of name brand rhinestones? is there another opportunity to sell something cheap & gaudy at an inflated cost w/an appealing foreign name that hasn’t been used yet?

if so, i’m all in.
seriously.  i’m there.

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