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tell me how my ass tastes.

as hilarious as the shaq video is, i think we all have a better idea of the ass kobe tastes on the regular, now. shouts out to those marty mcfly hyperdunks, though kobester. them shits bang.

top five (un)sexy halloween costumes.

another year and another opportunity for nice young respectable ladies to unleash their inner skank in the guise of all hallows eve. like moths to the flame — candy corn and free admission for ladies in costume compels young coeds, coworkers and convention cosplayers to don boots you shouldn’t walk in, fantastic plastics and questionable […]

top five worst possible cellmates for Michael Vick: Oz Edition.

i live close to atlanta, so it’s been pretty much nonstop Vick coverage for the past 4 months. now that Vick will accept the plea agreement, the only thing left are the absolute final details of his involvement, and, of course, the sentencing. forgoing any unimportant information about whether or not numba seven murked a […]

top five wrestling moves: tag team edition.

i am an avid fan of the squared circle. i use phrases like, “tap out,” “turn heel” and “no sell” in everyday conversation. over the course of my lifetime, i have attempted to slap several individuals in the texas cloverleaf and have snuck up on a few of them to lock them in the powerful […]

top five bra-alternatives.

we’ve all seen the photos in our various men’s magazines… a woman goes sans top but uses some sort of prop ((this photo is from the “Shooting Tabatha” website, one of the best sites i came across years ago.)) to hide her nipples/areola so that the mag can still sit on the shelves at your […]