top five bra-alternatives.

we’ve all seen the photos in our various men’s magazines… a woman goes sans top but uses some sort of prop ((this photo is from the “Shooting Tabatha” website, one of the best sites i came across years ago.)) to hide her nipples/areola so that the mag can still sit on the shelves at your local Barns & Noble w/out the shame of a polybag. it’s a fantastic technique that gives you more boob for your buck and makes the photographer seem creative even if that creativity is only being used as an excuse to get some air on those puppies.

Jessica White Edge

Honorable Mention: the surface-bra.
whether up against a wall, mirror ((it should go without saying, but, when you see that red line and the “NSFW” image, that means that if you are currently at work, you might not want to click the link.)) or the convenient edge of a well cropped photo, the use of an obstructing surface is quite possibly the “classiest” way to take the topless pic. it’s a tasteful way to leave a lil’ to the imagination, unless, of course, we’re talking about our girl Coco .

5. the belt-bra.
the first cover ((remember splash pages? of course you do. some of you still rock them. i loved splashed pages. i’ve got all of mine saved on my backup site.)) of my first dotcom was to feature this fantastic belt bra picture of Hollywood of G.L.O.W. fame. instead, i decided to mimic the chromium covers of my comic book collecting days. i learned a fantastic lesson — belt-bras are a fantastic idea but are difficult to execute correctly in real life w/out looking like a complete idiot. not only is it something that looks better in anime/hentai settings but also on women w/substantially less boobage than i prefer.

4. body paint.
Angel Body Paintbetween sports illustrated, various biker street festivals, nightclub promotions and killer mutant bitches — the concept of being naked under some paint is a bit stale at this point. although some truly amazing things can be done, when it comes down to it, it’s still just a naked breezy. not to mention, that sometimes the paintjobs are just too damn distracting and keep you from enjoying the thing you came for. the boobles.

3. the hair-bra.
this probably isn’t stated enough, but, that white girl has a weave. which one? all of them. jessica simpson ((look forward to our future feature on who would you ghost featuring the jessicas.)) rocks a half wig and countless other pinktoes have mastered the art of extensions. spending any time w/a black woman in public will show you that most have the ability to eyeball a Motown Tress from 60 paces, and due to exposure at the job area they’ve also gained the ability to pick out Renee of Paris from increasingly far distances. much like acquired traits, the astute male can also pick up on the ability to notice if it’s live or memorex. what’s this got to do w/titties, yo? whether it’s fake on fake, real on real, or any mix of the two, the hair.strands over bare.yams method is always a good look.

2. (tie) the suspend-a-bra/ tie bra.
Jhette Suspenderswomen in men’s dress shirts is a common photo. tons of women think it’s super sexy to get their man’s white work shirt and greet ’em at the door in a good pair of pumps. i play on the internet for a living, so coming home to my old lady seductively sauntering around the computer room in a dusty old navy polo isn’t the most exciting thing i can think of. as a staunch supportor of casual friday and all forms of non-professional dress, i personally prefer commando under a beater as the top choice for women-in-men’s fashion. now, if you’re the type of guy that likes his ladies suited and booted, may i suggest she drop that shirt & jacket & rock the tie or suspenders alone.

1. the handbra.
Classic Janet Handbra thanks to Janet Jackson, and tons of slightly naughty youngsters on myyoutubespace the handbra has become the number one alternative coverage for many a young female across the intarweb. it is, of course, the technique utilized by one jayde steele during the greateast picture of all time.what i really love about the handbra are the various styles a lady can use to mask the “offending area” of her bosom. from the standard single arm technique used by Lil Kim and Nicole Pankey to the fantastic dual forearm deep cleavage styles of Summer Walker ((i know it’s tagged, as is the one above, but ziggazaggaproductions takes some of the best photos i’ve ever seen and deserve a direct link)) and Niki Belucci, women have used every part of their elbows and beyond to place their titterlings in the most flattering of lights. outside of the teenage fascination of immediate fascination of a woman manhandling her own tittyballs, the handbra works for those with mammoth mammaries, as well as members of the IBTC.

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