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tell me how my ass tastes.

as hilarious as the shaq video is, i think we all have a better idea of the ass kobe tastes on the regular, now. shouts out to those marty mcfly hyperdunks, though kobester. them shits bang.

top five worst possible cellmates for Michael Vick: Oz Edition.

i live close to atlanta, so it’s been pretty much nonstop Vick coverage for the past 4 months. now that Vick will accept the plea agreement, the only thing left are the absolute final details of his involvement, and, of course, the sentencing. forgoing any unimportant information about whether or not numba seven murked a […]

what if Adam “Pacman” Jones replaced Bob Barker on The Price is Right?

Barker and Pacman: more in Common than you might think. In addition to a new host, their would need to be a few changes to the core elements of the gameshow. One of the first things necessary would be a nighttime broadcast and at least a PG-13 rating. Contestant’s row would be replaced by “In […]