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damaged goods.

a toast to naitch. Understand, whenever you are calling some young lass “damaged goods,” it’s because The Nature Boy explained the true meaning of that word. It’s his laugh, that taunting point, the knowing WHOO! and the feeling that your new lady is somebody else’s old lady. She rode Space Mountain and it went All […]

top five wrestling moves: tag team edition.

i am an avid fan of the squared circle. i use phrases like, “tap out,” “turn heel” and “no sell” in everyday conversation. over the course of my lifetime, i have attempted to slap several individuals in the texas cloverleaf and have snuck up on a few of them to lock them in the powerful […]

cognitive dissonance.

cognitive dissonance explained. cognitive dissonance in action. it’s interesting to see how people (publicly) deal with information as it becomes available. it’s almost like seeing the actual wheels inside people’s minds turn to formulate the next thought. cognitive dissonance is one of those things i new existed before i had a psycho.jargon term to latch […]