damaged goods.

a toast to naitch.

Understand, whenever you are calling some young lass “damaged goods,” it’s because The Nature Boy explained the true meaning of that word. It’s his laugh, that taunting point, the knowing WHOO! and the feeling that your new lady is somebody else’s old lady. She rode Space Mountain and it went All Night Long.

down with the king.

so, i originally intended for this to go up before Trips’ return against The Booker Man at SummerSlam. I knew Booker was being fed to the Lion and thought it disgusting. but, alas, timeliness and the great slack kept me from publishing on time. now, it looks like King Bookah has left the E and i am even more pissed.

the king is dead.

King Booker.

long live the king?

Conan? Highlander? Thor?

down with the king.

top five wrestling moves: tag team edition.

i am an avid fan of the squared circle. i use phrases like, “tap out,” “turn heel” and “no sell” in everyday conversation. over the course of my lifetime, i have attempted to slap several individuals in the texas cloverleaf and have snuck up on a few of them to lock them in the powerful grasp of my full nelson, affectionately know as “the clutch clutch.” in junior high, the hood classic “open neck, no respect” morphed into “the russian sickle” and i was one of many to tag team like ivan & nikita koloff.

hopefully, that establishes my ethos (with a lil’ bit of pathos), now, on to the list (w/a side of logos)…

honorable mention (team) – midnight express.
the midnight express was just like the rock ‘n’ roll express, except, of course, better. from the veg-o-matic to the rocket launcher, the midnight express had a vast array of tag team maneuvers with great names. also, because of their sexy man-candy gimmicks, you can bet they got the bestest of older worn-out-my-favorite-band-is-touring-on-the-other-side-of-the-country trim when out on the road.

listen to KRS rock over their classic theme music.

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honorable mention (move) – double stomp/cop killa.
low ki (loki, get it?) decided to change his ringname to senshi. that’s stupid. homicide, on the other hand, has been able to keep his ringname although he was forced to rename his version of the kudo driver to “the gringo killer.” although this move is spectacular (yes!) these two are no longer a team and i’ve never seen them in a match, so, since it’s my list, it doesn’t crack the top five.

Continue for the rest of the top 5, including videos of violence…

cognitive dissonance.

Benoit and Guerrero

cognitive dissonance explained.
cognitive dissonance in action.

it’s interesting to see how people (publicly) deal with information as it becomes available. it’s almost like seeing the actual wheels inside people’s minds turn to formulate the next thought. cognitive dissonance is one of those things i new existed before i had a psycho.jargon term to latch onto.

personally? i’m puting off “dealing” w/how i feel about the whole thing until i get all the details. my intial thought, like some of those linked to above was “what in the fuckin fuck!” but this “wait for the details thing” is good shit. coping through analysis — it’s like skipping directly to stage 5.