tell me how my ass tastes.

as hilarious as the shaq video is, i think we all have a better idea of the ass kobe tastes on the regular, now. shouts out to those marty mcfly hyperdunks, though kobester. them shits bang.

super quick top 5 women that prolly banged shaq and/or kobe.

5. brandy.
this was during the braids period.  nothing sexy about extensions and a month of new growth.  plus, her pervert brother prolly skeeted on her in her sleep.  that’s something you can’t wash off.

4. random colorado women.
3. vanessa.
kobe’s dropped $4 mil on and two babies in this jawn after “discovering” her on a video shoot for you can’t stop the reign.  the bryants made jumping from high school to the pros a family tradition.

2. shaunie.
5 babies, a lifetime of shaq sweating on her and she still looks like this.  that’s pretty impressive.

1. superhead.
countless rappers can’t be wrong.

So, yeah, more championships, better wife, better sidepeices, better albums -v- better movies & kicks.  Shaq’s your clear winner.

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