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hyperdunk recovery center.

seriously, i need a pair.

of destros and men.

so, recently, pics of destro in the new gi joe movie have leaked. and, they are complete shit. i understand holding “the mask” back because it doesn’t “go” w/the new look of the film, but you could have easily shot this rat faced bastard from behind wearing the mask and made a few gazillions of […]

blame GTAIV.

one of these wide receivers was playin’ a bit too much grand theft auto. [audio:bustarhymes-wheresmyfuckinmoney.mp3] i’d much rather have a wideout hold out, instead of pullin’ the cal out.

Kobe = Mamba = Snake = Viral?

so, this video of young lower merion is beginning to make the rounds. whether or not it’s real is of no consequence. it is, however, an obvious advertisement. check the profile of the dude who put it up, his start date/number of videos and lil’ mamba shoutin’ out the name of the not available shoe. […]

white midsoles.

clae, creative rec, supra and newcomers 100styles [via], so on and so forth. why do these “high end” companies insist on putting white midsoles on these not-really kinda sorta sneakers? i’ve wanted to get a few more pairs of these wears ever since my new gig allowed me to show up to work in whatever […]