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hyperdunk recovery center.

seriously, i need a pair.

Kobe = Mamba = Snake = Viral?

so, this video of young lower merion is beginning to make the rounds. whether or not it’s real is of no consequence. it is, however, an obvious advertisement. check the profile of the dude who put it up, his start date/number of videos and lil’ mamba shoutin’ out the name of the not available shoe. […]

Tired of Being Badgered

although this set of commercials isn’t as badgersome as the legendary badgerbadgerbadger and seem to be completely missing A SNAKE!, it’s still pretty entertaining.

XX(2) girlfriend.

(yoinked from the good folx over at hypebeast) i’m pretty sure you can spy jill marie-jones for a couple of seconds in this one. she might have made some nice greenbacks but i’m pretty sure we’d rather see her w/the rest of the cast on girlfriends. of course, diana’s daughter is gettin’ a lil’ more […]