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West Coast Avengers: Initiative

If instead of giving you idiotic humps a brand new book w/brand new characters, a battle against hobo-zombies, a tussle w/some throwback villains & a melee w/a new team of villains — you guys got another stupid wolverine comic, would you have bought it? i mean, i know the answer for me, but what about […]

where’s my money, honey? (part 1)

inspired by Chris Sims’ fantastic writeup of Luke Cage demanding his scrilla, i decided to find the absolute best image (quality wise) from the intarweb as possible. the original goal was a typical “big image w/ sound file” post including a link to Sims’ blog. i even had a nice little song picked out and […]

Go Hard

What does a guy who makes suit of armor to fight bears and a dude who draws comics featuring naked witches and sexy kittens have in common? The talented Dave Campbell shows what man can achieve when he ignores his detractors and decides to Go Hard.

XX(2) girlfriend.

(yoinked from the good folx over at hypebeast) i’m pretty sure you can spy jill marie-jones for a couple of seconds in this one. she might have made some nice greenbacks but i’m pretty sure we’d rather see her w/the rest of the cast on girlfriends. of course, diana’s daughter is gettin’ a lil’ more […]

suspension of disbelief.

the ‘rama put up a preview of New Avengers f. the Ronin Suit. it features an e-mail to a blind guy and a def girl working as an undercover spy. the accompanying discussion thread points out the inherent problems w/this. of course, we understand, in the age we live in (plus, add in basic comic […]