white midsoles.

clae, creative rec, supra and newcomers 100styles [via], so on and so forth.
why do these “high end” companies insist on putting white midsoles on these not-really kinda sorta sneakers?

i’ve wanted to get a few more pairs of these wears ever since my new gig allowed me to show up to work in whatever i damn well pleased on my feets. my boss wears overly techie shoes like he has to climb a mountain in our parking lot to make it to his car.

i hit up MajorDC w/the intent to pick up a pair of creative rec’s specifically because they didn’t have the shitty white midsole. unfortunately, these bitches were way too fuckin’ thin for my powerful manly tootsies.

maybe there’s something i don’t understand. i’m sure there is, so, why do so many of them choose to go with a white midsole? especially when it’s not complementary to the model? is it a cost thing? somebody help me…