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she predator machiko.

That doesn’t look like Sanaa to me. {src}

Kobe = Mamba = Snake = Viral?

so, this video of young lower merion is beginning to make the rounds. whether or not it’s real is of no consequence. it is, however, an obvious advertisement. check the profile of the dude who put it up, his start date/number of videos and lil’ mamba shoutin’ out the name of the not available shoe. […]

West Coast Avengers: Initiative

If instead of giving you idiotic humps a brand new book w/brand new characters, a battle against hobo-zombies, a tussle w/some throwback villains & a melee w/a new team of villains — you guys got another stupid wolverine comic, would you have bought it? i mean, i know the answer for me, but what about […]

A Fiasco Called Lupe

fiascogate, the fiasco fiasco or whatever you want to call it. the best possible name to sum up the situation where lupe (who is so obviously influenced by the d.a.i.s.y. age) garbles the lyrics to a tribe classic is a fiasco called lupe. slang.editorial.

Tired of Being Badgered

although this set of commercials isn’t as badgersome as the legendary badgerbadgerbadger and seem to be completely missing A SNAKE!, it’s still pretty entertaining.