achoo, achoo.

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i got hella links to this remix earlier in the day, mostly pointing back to the leak from yeezy.

i figured it’d be pointless to write about, but, after a few hours — we’ve got behind the scenes footage via youtube, and the site that inspired the vid has provided a ton of stills of some of the behind the scenes footage. i doubt there are any people that visit here that aren’t up on lastnightsparty, especially after they dropped this supra photo {via} that I linked to awhile back. i’ve always thought that the photos from lastnightsparty were the essence of pills and powder. it’s good to see that somebody else could see it, too.

Kobe = Mamba = Snake = Viral?

so, this video of young lower merion is beginning to make the rounds.

whether or not it’s real is of no consequence. it is, however, an obvious advertisement. check the profile of the dude who put it up, his start date/number of videos and lil’ mamba shoutin’ out the name of the not available shoe. typically, such transparent garbation would get a huge thumbs down, but, i do adore the shoe… i’ve peeped the shoe from various sources and want to pick one up.

XX(2) girlfriend.

(yoinked from the good folx over at hypebeast)

i’m pretty sure you can spy jill marie-jones for a couple of seconds in this one. she might have made some nice greenbacks but i’m pretty sure we’d rather see her w/the rest of the cast on girlfriends. of course, diana’s daughter is gettin’ a lil’ more time to showcase that magnificent bubble, but you gotta feel sorry for jill. bailey’s commercial w/some no name yella dude and now this? let’s hope her upcoming projects are a success.

oh yeah, peep the new jordans. if you pause at the takeoff point, you can see the nastiest warp/ deformation in the lace area… you can also peep just how much these jawns crease, as well. you can almost see dude’s toe nail through the “leather.” never been a jordan fan, but i’ve always loved the commercials. this one (the commercial) is another success.

my girl seems to think that the lady in the commercial isn’t Jilly. i know that it’s a form of hate. the only logical explanation is that she doesn’t like mike & thinks the lips is above such a weak cameo. didn’t she see the briscoe high joint?