photographers – take note.

First, a song…

The Inviseez – Haggen Daj (swiped from the lovely/talented/resourceful DJ Tara of

Now, a story…

Melyssa Ford, Hall of Fame Heelgrab

Not too long ago, I came across a grip of new Melyssa Ford Photos for King Magazine featuring quite a fantastic pose. There are a great deal of remarkable details in this picture, but I think we can all agree that the pose itself makes the picture. I had to note that I had seen something very similar before at the always great Zigga Zagga Productions. As following with the New York Times guidelines, we’ve seen in the past, although two is a coincidence, it’s best to wait until you get that third to call it a trend. This also helps make a solid post. Luckily, while blackberry rss feed hopping earlier, I came across this final image from The Dynasty Series which allows me to form a set.

Now, recently, a russian lass took the internet by storm by whaletailing the world – inspiring spinoffs, remixes and global glasnost. Now, photographers, you’ve got the new black to add to your lil’ snap happy sessions.

UPDATE: looks like photographers did take note. The photo works w/everything from a lil’ bitty Pixie poke to a tremendous, astounding Maliah Michel underhang.

on repeat: roasted.

look up to the… jets.

Curren$y – Roasted feat. Trademark & Young Roddy

if, for some odd reason, you’ve been wondering what i’ve been up to – yourmomisclubbin has become your mom’s favorite website and i’ve been listening to Pilot Talk almost exclusively. absolutely great album. get a copy for a friend.

more on how my brain works.

J*Davey – Mr. Mister

Joe Budden – Broken Wings Freestyle

the connection to these two songs should be painfully obvious, however, keeping with the intent behind a recent tweet, it doesn’t need to be spelled out. the first song is something that i absolutely love. i chairdance everytime i hear it and am almost immediately transported to a better place. the second stands out because it was less than a week ((my file date says October 16, 2006, 10:05:41 AM)) after the Cory Lidle incident before Joe released this beast on the net.

i’ve been away from the home site but have been continuing the mission over at i even setup one for hoesinthesameclothes, too, but i’m not quite sure how that would translate as a tumblr, yet.

eventually, i’ll have to bring all of them together ((along w/my google suggestions and tweets)) on this site. of course, friend feed does that for me, but, well, yeah…

amber’s saving grace.

When Kanye launched his new blog featuring a photo of his girlfriend/muse/girl that dances w/girls Amber Rose, people were able to immediately identify the inspiration of the photo. On first look, it’s clear to see that Amber falls way short of pulling off the amazing contortion that Grace exhibited on her album cover. However, a simple google and an great article from sleevage shows why no onw has been able to match Grace’s image in 30 years. (more info)

Faced w/the facts that the original, although iconic is as fake as Coco’s cleavage ((no, the other cleavage)) I began to judge Amber much less harshly than some others and went back to staring at the pics of the well oiled asses. besides, facts are, if i were to try to make that pose, it would look something like this.

some keeblers tryna force it in the same zebra skin corset.

once again, around valentine’s day, girls head to the mall and pick up a sale item.
it’s depressive.

i bet one of ’em got on the matchin’ panties, too.