amber’s saving grace.

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When Kanye launched his new blog featuring a photo of his girlfriend/muse/girl that dances w/girls Amber Rose, people were able to immediately identify the inspiration of the photo. On first look, it’s clear to see that Amber falls way short of pulling off the amazing contortion that Grace exhibited on her album cover. However, a simple google and an great article from sleevage shows why no onw has been able to match Grace’s image in 30 years. (more info)

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Faced w/the facts that the original, although iconic is as fake as Coco’s cleavage I began to judge Amber much less harshly than some others and went back to staring at the pics of the well oiled asses. besides, facts are, if i were to try to make that pose, it would look something like this.

broads to manhandle w/the same see through panel.

UPDATED to include more people wearing the top and Megan Fox on the cover of Rolling Stone. Shark Biting and Shark Jumping at the same time. Maybe somebody from RS should take note, the pic from @VanessaVeasley‘s account is almost 100 days old.

UPDATED – 01/19/10 – 30 pics strong. This is the most h’s in the same c’s, ever.