photographers – take note.

First, a song…

The Inviseez – Haggen Daj (swiped from the lovely/talented/resourceful DJ Tara of

Now, a story…

Melyssa Ford, Hall of Fame Heelgrab

Not too long ago, I came across a grip of new Melyssa Ford Photos for King Magazine featuring quite a fantastic pose. There are a great deal of remarkable details in this picture, but I think we can all agree that the pose itself makes the picture. I had to note that I had seen something very similar before at the always great Zigga Zagga Productions. As following with the New York Times guidelines, we’ve seen in the past, although two is a coincidence, it’s best to wait until you get that third to call it a trend. This also helps make a solid post. Luckily, while blackberry rss feed hopping earlier, I came across this final image from The Dynasty Series which allows me to form a set.

Now, recently, a russian lass took the internet by storm by whaletailing the world – inspiring spinoffs, remixes and global glasnost. Now, photographers, you’ve got the new black to add to your lil’ snap happy sessions.

UPDATE: looks like photographers did take note. The photo works w/everything from a lil’ bitty Pixie poke to a tremendous, astounding Maliah Michel underhang.

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