more on how my brain works.

J*Davey – Mr. Mister

Joe Budden – Broken Wings Freestyle

the connection to these two songs should be painfully obvious, however, keeping with the intent behind a recent tweet, it doesn’t need to be spelled out. the first song is something that i absolutely love. i chairdance everytime i hear it and am almost immediately transported to a better place. the second stands out because it was less than a week ((my file date says October 16, 2006, 10:05:41 AM)) after the Cory Lidle incident before Joe released this beast on the net.

i’ve been away from the home site but have been continuing the mission over at i even setup one for hoesinthesameclothes, too, but i’m not quite sure how that would translate as a tumblr, yet.

eventually, i’ll have to bring all of them together ((along w/my google suggestions and tweets)) on this site. of course, friend feed does that for me, but, well, yeah…