they played stevie.


over breakfast that included mimosas.
not for me mind you, ime a fuckin’ dude.
but she seemed really happy that day.
it was straight out of one of those independent films.
young broke black kids.
beautiful jawn.
overconfident nerd dude.
i can’t even remember the other person at the table.
like, not at all, not ever the gender.
something is telling me it was another woman.
she always got the brunt of the jokes when she was the only chick.
she held her own though.
i always talked too much over food and didn’t eat enough.
she might have picked up the tab too.
this is a good memory.
i forgot about it.
this omar song is playing.
one of you cornball audiogalaxy okp motherfuckers sent it to me.
it reminded me of the *much better* stevie song.
but, i can’t remember that song to save self.
when i do though, and i download it ime gonna put that shit on repeat.
the song is over now…


‘flowers’ just shuffled up.
“straight up colorful draws, mad whores on the weekend…”

and, that’s how life is, “i broke up w/my ex on some bachelor shit/ now ime killin’ two birds with the same dick…”

i went through my okp folder today. eventually, i’ll need to save those files over here. i still can’t find the shit i wrote about common’s lwfc album cover. i’d like to say i’m waiting to get my hands on that as some kind of excuse as to why i haven’t created a means of reproducing some of these “classics,” but, me and you both know it’s a lie.

stay classy, netfriends.

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