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the eghck face.

[audio:mims-breadnbutter.mp3] MIMS f. Notorious B.I.G. ((samples do not equal “featuring.” of course, B.I.G. makes this song, but, most people would think it’d contain an actual verse.)) – Bread N’ Butter this is a beautiful vocal sample, and he is wasting it. somebody, snatch this shit.

she predator machiko.

That doesn’t look like Sanaa to me. {src}

how to get ahead in the music biz.

these photos ((what a shitty watermark, dudes.)) of the diddlez and cassie hit the net earlier in the week, causing all sorts of discussions about puff’s wrongness, cassie’s talent and whether or not those discussing it had the right to offer an opinion on the subject. around the same time, el-p’s we’reallgonnaburninhellmegamixx 2 ((two… two… […]

blame GTAIV.

one of these wide receivers was playin’ a bit too much grand theft auto. [audio:bustarhymes-wheresmyfuckinmoney.mp3] i’d much rather have a wideout hold out, instead of pullin’ the cal out.

to be bigger than the hnic.

[audio:richboy-haterswish.mp3] i’m a sucker for self-samplin’ Rich boy explains that the name bigger than the mayor comes from a recent visit to a school, meanwhile philadelphia’s jersey tuckin’ mayor {via} continues to back annie oakley. You’ll never get a shot at making an hnic part 2 if you keep dressin’ and endorsin’ like that, you […]