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let swagger die.

somewhere around the time that cam’ron decided to hold a press conference to discuss the chancleta issue, the word “swagger” should have received the pete rose treatment. swagger at some point referred to a specific type of movement one would make when walking. over the years, due to the dynamic nature of language, swagger has […]

what dora the explorer taught me about blogging.

for the past couple of months, we’ve been tivo’n (dvr’n, tape’n, bootlegg’n) dora the explorer. because watching tv is a new phenom for the baby & dora is a new show for us, we have no idea what order these shows were supposed to be originally broadcast in. we set the box up to record, […]

the firefox switch.

so, i downloaded the tiger style admin plugin from orderedlist.com and installed w/out the slightest concern of reading the instructions. along the way, i realized that it wasn’t working. this, of course, was because i was still using ie6. even after the good folks over at edited hipped me to the firefox plugin that would […]

going live.

looks like i’ve been able to write at least once per week. that is, if this counts. so, yeah, uhm, yeah… i’ve familiarized myself w/this wordpress thing enough to be able to alter the theme and get the audio player hooked up properly. i guess that’s all i really need to be able to do. […]