going live.

looks like i’ve been able to write at least once per week. that is, if this counts. so, yeah, uhm, yeah…

i’ve familiarized myself w/this wordpress thing enough to be able to alter the theme and get the audio player hooked up properly. i guess that’s all i really need to be able to do. it’s (the maintenance of a blog) still about the ideas before the writing, though. and, i have a few. i do, hwvr, understand that the really good stuff takes alot of time to create images for and even links for. see, cuz, at this point in time, i’m a tired(lazy) bastid.

see that kid up there in the header? that’s her everyday steez (arms folded, like, “whu?”). whether she wants something out of the fridge or one of those cabinets, eventually, she’s gonna wyle out on me, and that doesn’t leave the time i once had to crafting fantastic postings. but, i promised myself i would do a little more of this, and that i shall. i’m gonna revise some of my older stuff (FYP, Cheater, etc) sooner or later.

that is, if i can find it.