judgment day is no gutted.

and that’s a good thing.

so, beans album leaks…

nahright throws up the track w/Jay. and the ripple effect happens. which throws me for a loop, cuz, well, “Gutted” just can’t be the track that people were looking forward to on this album. it can’t be the track that stands out ((that’s gotta go to “Go Low”)) from all the rest. so, why so much chatter?

this is no “Still Got Love for You,” “This Can’t Be Life,” or “Where Have You Been.” this isn’t even the “Change the Game (rmx).”

jay singin’ a lil’ Soul II Soul ditty is one of the worst things to happen on wax during this Roc resurgence. right next to lil’ Skateboard P tryna Dawn Robinson the hook.

imnsho, the track that should get the attention is judgment day.


this is clearly the surprise banger. after reading that putrid press release and listening to the laughable lead single f. Mr. Molester there’s no way that people could have had high hopes for “The Solution.” i can only hope that Rocafella records new business plan is to lower expectations ((see: Free & Fiddy’s track)), in turn generating favorable reviews in spite of an album’s craptacular initial public offerings.

“produced by Dre & Vidal collaborated with Harry & Alex taps into Beanie’s rock side” {src}

kind of a misleading quote, no? let’s not forget cam & beans over the jersey classic.

Cam 666
no bonjo.

finally, listen to the original source material and front like you had the sabbath before you bootlegged beans.

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