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time to get busy.

[audio:famlay-gitbusy.mp3] you better haul ass, cuz… so, after taking a look at a few really impressive blogs, i made the decision to switch over to a tumblr-esque formatted blog. i’d truly like to update more often, but i feel like the REALLY BIG updates shouldn’t share the same space as the lil’ tiny ones. this, […]

content drives design or design drives content?

i’ve probably used the phrase “content drives design” at least a thousand times or so when discussing “doing websites” for people. i typically throw it out there as a means of discerning how serious people are about creating a site and as an attempt to not do a site for that person. sites are interesting […]

your new favorite favicon.

i’ve been trying to come up w/an interesting favicon for awhile. the fact that i was iconless has been slapping me in the face since i made the firefox switch. although i’ve been playing around w/some text that recalled the glory days of Yo! MTV Raps, trying to convert graff text & polka dots to […]

going live.

looks like i’ve been able to write at least once per week. that is, if this counts. so, yeah, uhm, yeah… i’ve familiarized myself w/this wordpress thing enough to be able to alter the theme and get the audio player hooked up properly. i guess that’s all i really need to be able to do. […]