time to get busy.

FOX: Obama Enjoys the Fried Chickens

you better haul ass, cuz…

so, after taking a look at a few really impressive blogs, i made the decision to switch over to a tumblr-esque formatted blog. i’d truly like to update more often, but i feel like the REALLY BIG updates shouldn’t share the same space as the lil’ tiny ones.

this, of course, means that i’ll have to get to work on a proper format. that showcases top 5s, my recommended links, and the daily ongoing braindump that i’m sure you 3 or 4 readers come here for. the goal — first, a weekly update, then a daily update like this diligent fellow.

half mandrill ((as a likkle yout, i would use (read: trace) the profile pics from the marvel universe images to create characters of my own. and, although i was never able to use mandrill’s image to create a new character, i was able to use his sister nekra as a “template” on more than one occasion.)), half mandela

looks like the good folx over at okp combined with onsmash to deliver a video for us all.

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