new look, added search and full archives.

the title pretty much says it all. i’ve added a full archive, so even if you don’t find what you want by using the search bar at the top, you should be able to browse via monthly archives or to one of your favorite tags/categories.

if you’ve been here in the past month, you’ve seen the updated theme on.hiatus based off of the fantastic simplr ((which is based on sandbox)).  i wanted something clean that prominently displayed twitter, & my google reader suggestions. mostly because i update those places way more than this one.

i will prolly update the front page so that i show more than just my latest on: repeat song, but, truthfully, i’m interested in how people navigate the site when traditional blog methods aren’t available.  so far, i’ve realized, they don’t.

no matter – coming soon: top 5 street fighter dbags, top 5 silfs & a song or two that’s stuck in my head.

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