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cognitive dissonance.

cognitive dissonance explained. cognitive dissonance in action. it’s interesting to see how people (publicly) deal with information as it becomes available. it’s almost like seeing the actual wheels inside people’s minds turn to formulate the next thought. cognitive dissonance is one of those things i new existed before i had a psycho.jargon term to latch […]

viking style.

in short, viking style is the act of perching atop a cistern and vomiting downward betwixt one’s feet into the bowl below. one sits in a position similar to “an upper decker” —. as invention sends it’s mother’s day cards to necessity, i’m sure you won’t be surprised to learn that this technique was not […]

since i’ve been back around the way.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QFS0xl4_LAA this isn’t much of an entry, i suppose, however, i would like to take the time to throw this up there. nice lil’ video, even though the shots at lady opera were unnecessary, unless, she’s the one that did the firing. i don’t really eff w/def poetry jam. poetry was ruined for me the […]