XX(2) girlfriend.

(yoinked from the good folx over at hypebeast)

i’m pretty sure you can spy jill marie-jones for a couple of seconds in this one. she might have made some nice greenbacks but i’m pretty sure we’d rather see her w/the rest of the cast on girlfriends. of course, diana’s daughter is gettin’ a lil’ more time to showcase that magnificent bubble, but you gotta feel sorry for jill. bailey’s commercial w/some no name yella dude and now this? let’s hope her upcoming projects are a success.

oh yeah, peep the new jordans. if you pause at the takeoff point, you can see the nastiest warp/ deformation in the lace area… you can also peep just how much these jawns crease, as well. you can almost see dude’s toe nail through the “leather.” never been a jordan fan, but i’ve always loved the commercials. this one (the commercial) is another success.

my girl seems to think that the lady in the commercial isn’t Jilly. i know that it’s a form of hate. the only logical explanation is that she doesn’t like mike & thinks the lips is above such a weak cameo. didn’t she see the briscoe high joint?

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