the four horse(wo)men of the apocalypse.

so, i saw some recent photos of AnnaLynne McCord, who i know as Eden from one of the best horrible shows on the television – Nip/Tuck. when i saw her, all i could think of was how she would make a great “Famine.” doubting the Apocalypse/four horsemen storyline could ever translate to film and w/nothing else to do w/these pics of Skinny McRibbones, i decided to cast the rest of the 4 horsemen as celebrities in bikinis. because, this is the internet and that’s how things work.

so, w/out any other explanation – here goes:
AnnaLynne McCord – Famine.
Amy Winehouse – Death.
Jodi Marsh, Aubrey Oday, Pam Anderson & Shauna Sand – Pestilence.
Serena Williams – War.

i wrote more to explain why i picked who i did, but, truthfully, i think dwelling on the funny erases any real humor there may be in this joke.

achoo, achoo.

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i got hella links to this remix earlier in the day, mostly pointing back to the leak from yeezy.

i figured it’d be pointless to write about, but, after a few hours — we’ve got behind the scenes footage via youtube, and the site that inspired the vid has provided a ton of stills of some of the behind the scenes footage. i doubt there are any people that visit here that aren’t up on lastnightsparty, especially after they dropped this supra photo {via} that I linked to awhile back. i’ve always thought that the photos from lastnightsparty were the essence of pills and powder. it’s good to see that somebody else could see it, too.

suspension of disbelief.

the ‘rama put up a preview of New Avengers f. the Ronin Suit. it features an e-mail to a blind guy and a def girl working as an undercover spy. the accompanying discussion thread points out the inherent problems w/this.

of course, we understand, in the age we live in (plus, add in basic comic book gizmology) that matt “monkey smash” murdock could easily use an audio screen reader to read(hear) what lil’ Echo has to say, but… how, exactly does Echo know what these yakuza braggarts are saying to each other unless she is looking at their lips? does the pronunciation of different syllables send a different amount of alcohol tinged breath into the air which she then interprets into words? how fast can anyone do that? she doesn’t have spidey sense, right? so if i yell, “Troyer” from behind her on a crowded dancefloor, will she know to jump because a rush of small geek’d up drunkards will be rushing from her blindside?

maybe she uses mirrors.