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thrifty shoppers in the same red boppers.

Things we’ve learned from the following photos: red dresses are wack. red dresses around valentine’s day are worse. red dresses that go on sale around valentine’s day are the worst. I may be a bit biased on this one. I am not a fan of red dresses. Red pumps may say “I would like to […]

lames in the same frames.

look at these stinkin’ geeks

messes in the same dresses.

some, even have similar tresses. as a younger man, i would attempt to compliment ladies on their clothing choices as a means of showing them that i noticed them.  back then, i thought the difference between a dress and a skirt was in the length, below the waist.  anything short was a skirt, i believed […]

hoes in the same clothes.

no shame — anybody that knows me knows that i have a potentially hazardous obsession with women’s clothes. not on some hoover, but more so to figure out these birds maneuvers. the follow up novella to the book i never released is called, “‘the ‘flage: uncovering women’s secret techniques.” i sincerely believe that what women […]