thrifty shoppers in the same red boppers.

Things we’ve learned from the following photos:

  1. red dresses are wack.
  2. red dresses around valentine’s day are worse.
  3. red dresses that go on sale around valentine’s day are the worst.

I may be a bit biased on this one. I am not a fan of red dresses. Red pumps may say “I would like to finish the evening w/my heels pointed towards the ceilings,” but red dresses say, “notice me, please!” Three jawns w/the same dress at three different events in three weeks time is interesting, but it’s nowhere near as wack as a couple jawns tryna share the same fabric…

Let's split a yard of this Korean Kente.

Let's split a yard of this Korean Kente.

UPDATED: new jawn, same dress. cameraman still can’t help but take multiple pics. maybe he knows about this page.