hoes in the same clothes.

no shame — anybody that knows me knows that i have a potentially hazardous obsession with women’s clothes. not on some hoover, but more so to figure out these birds maneuvers. the follow up novella to the book i never released is called, “‘the ‘flage: uncovering women’s secret techniques.” i sincerely believe that what women choose to wear is a great indicator to the type of lass you’re dealing with ((that was my desperate attempt to make my preoccupation w/the ladies gear seem as masculine as possible.)).

so, one of my favorite things to find in my feed is a are you feeling this get up?, who rocked it better or who runs it? i see their is a niche market for clothing comparisons and have been giving some serious thought about launching the utterly fantastic blog — hoesinthesameclothes.

even though actresses, models & musicians may have some sort of issue w/b’n referred to as hoes — it’s somewhat ironic that actual factual hoes don’t have an issue wearing the same clothes ((i admit, i may be the only one to see the irony)).

hopefully, they won’t decide to take their fashion cues from this snazzy young lass {via} — it would seriously hamper my ability to provide obvious examples of one-upsmanship.

late edit – “research” has found Carmella Bing, Amber Fox & Aurora Jolie all rocking the same gear, but it’s essentiall impossible to find a pic clean enough to include w/the rest of these.  I’m sure if you wanted to find it, you could…

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