just foolin’.

there’s a lady over in [the section to the left] directly in front of men’s bathroom #1 ((the preferred dumping grounds)), that has, what appears to be, a “homemade” gerald levert calendar. because i pass by it at least twice a day, i’ve come accustomed to seeing him as i enter and leave my secret chamber. i’m not sure if this calendar was created w/physical cut & paste using scissors & elmer’s glue or microsoft publisher, but, the very.plain.picture on top of a very.white.background has a certain, “one of a kind” quality that speaks to a handmade exclusivity that mass production professionals can not match.

seeing him, sometimes 3 to 4 times a day ((coupled w/the initial slow startup of any new job)) has given me a lot of thought about the type of person that would create-or-purchase and then choose to display such an interesting ((searching for better word)) cube artifact. although i can’t say much about her, i can say that i couldn’t imagine being that much of a fan of an individual that i would have a calendar to remind me of them each day. especially in an office environment where most of us use outlook & some other form of personal calendar like googleCalendar, iCal or our cellphone. the physical calendar, w/out any visible notations serves absolutely no date-based purpose.

it’s only the second of the month, but, she’s still got her calendar set to september. this leaves us with a very interesting question about whether the entire calendar is GL, GL headshots, a collection of fallen heroes of R&B or maybe some other inexplainable portrait.squares on rectangles compilation.

i thought i might have been too harsh in my thoughts towards this nameless lady, and that outside of it’s date functions, this calendar, featuring a square borderless headshot and completely lacking w/any awareness raising colored ribbons still might be to help inform people of whatever ailment took the L in LSG away at such an early age. so, yesterday, after my fifth or six trip past her desk, i decided to take a look on our dear friend, the intarweb, to find out a bit more about Mr. Too Damn Good. unfortunately, according to wikipedia, it was a combination of prescription drugs coupled w/pneumonia (read: Thursday at Winehouse’s) that was responsible for Gerald’s premature passing. not your typical sell-a-commemorative keepsake cause, but, still she could have the calendar posted to inform us of the need for better healthcare & an overall healthier lifestyle. which, of course, got me to wondering what Barry’s position is on the subject.

unfortunately, after yet another trip to “the drop zone,” i’ve realized that she must be on vacation, so it’ll take a week or so to get some answers to such pressing questions as what will October bring as the calendar turns…

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